Setting GPRS/MMS Secara Otomatis

Untuk setting GPRS:
GPRS <spasi> <merk ponsel> <spasi> <tipe ponsel>
Untuk setting MMS:
MMS <spasi> <merk ponsel> <spasi> <tipe ponsel>
Kirim ke 9667

Contoh : GPRS nokia 6600

Untuk Setting manual :

Connection name : XL GPRS
Data bearer : GPRS
Access point name : http://www.xlgprs.net
User name : xlgprs
Prompt Password : No
Password : proxl
Authentication : Normal
Homepage : http://wap.lifeinhand.com
Connection Security :- off
Session mode : permanent
Phone IP address : Automatic
Primary name server :
Secondary name server :
WAP Gateway IP Address :
Port : 9201 (standard), 8080 (proxy)


3 Responses

  1. Internet xl juga mahal bos…udah gt lambat lagi…

  2. Paling mahal… tp wuzzz!!!

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